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Dollar Tree Find: Beauty Blogger Edition

June 15, 2017

Hey ya’ll,

Just a quick little post ’cause I’m so excited about what I found while browsing in my local Dollar Tree.  Now I love me some Dollar Tree and it’s the place were I normally get my lashes.  On any given day I will wear lashes by ColorMates, which I find in Dollar Tree on a regular. So, every time I go in a Dollar Tree Store I always walk through the health and beauty aisle to see if they have lashes. (Don’t judge me, you can never have too many!) Today while picking up my Father’s Day Cards (Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.)  I ran across a gold mind. (At least in my book they are!) This particular Dollar Tree  (Poplar and Highland for my people who live in Memphis.) had the Kiss Haute Couture brand lashes just sitting on the shelf, ready for me to buy!  I was so excited that I cleared the shelf. Truth be told, I would have cleared the shelf if I wasn’t excited. But, how could I not be excited about named brand lashes for a buck? Actually two for a buck. It came in a TWIN PACK! OMG! (3).png

So, these babies are from Kiss’s Couture Line and they are a Natural Lightweight lash. I got the style “Coy” in a twin pack which includes the lash adhesive (which I never use) and the lash applicator tool! I got all of this for $1 per pack and I purchased  seven (7) packs so in all that is fourteen (14) pairs of lashes.  #winning.  Theses lashes normally range between $6-$9 dollars for a twin pack depending on which store you get them from.

I’ve worn kiss lashed before but not from this line, but I’ms sure they won’t disappoint. As soon as I pop them on, I will snap it up and show you guys what they look like and you know I’ll be reviewing them as well, so stay linked so you won’t miss out!

Check your local Dollar Tree Store to see if they are available in your area.

Until Next Time!

Love Y’all


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